Behind the Seams

We handcraft each of our pieces in the USA, using age-old leather working techniques handed down to us by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in the luxury leather manufacturing industry.  With our timeless designs, attention to detail and combination of the finest materials found all over the world, we ensure that you will receive the highest quality leather accessories for yourself and your four-legged family members.

It all starts with the highest quality American steer hides tanned and dyed to perfection in Italy.  This process is performed only on the best “grade A” hides of leather, allowing the actual surface grain and markings of the natural leather to show through.  Our leathers are known for both their rich color and luxurious softness, favored by true leather lovers the world over.

Italian Leather

We stitch each piece using custom manufactured, 100% spun polyester thread from one of the world's leading manufactures of sewing threads.  Polyester has higher UV and water resistance than other threads, which keeps the colors vivid and resists breakdown over the life of the product.
Sewing machine stitching leather

Polished American made hardware with welded steel D-Rings adds both strength and beauty.
nickel plated buckles

The Bitch and Stud Chic logo is discretely embossed on each product.
debossing die with stamped logo on leather

We finish product edges with a special leather paint which is color matched by hand blending in our facility.  Every piece is tediously hand painted with several coats to seal the raw edges of the leather.

painting leather edge

Many of our products have custom colored Xilion Chaton crystals made by the world renowned SWAROVSKI®, considered to be the best crystal manufacturer in the world. We are proud to be branding partners with SWAROVSKI®, and each crystal adorned product comes with a “MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” tag.  Having their label on our products serves as a sign of authenticity and holds us to the highest standard of design.
Xilion Swarovski crystals