Giving back...

We as people and as a company do our best to help those who need a helping hand (or paw!); be it rescuing a lost or injured animal, or simply donating resources to charities who do the same.  Through our “wristbands for charity” sales, all proceeds are given to animal-welfare, research and humanitarian charities.  The reward for us is purely love, to know that we made a difference; big or small, every little bit helps. 

We've rescued dogs, cats, birds, a rooster and even a horse.  It takes a big heart and time to work with the wounded, physically and spiritually. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce an organization near and dear to our hearts, whose sole mission is to do just that.


Hearts United for Animals is a national no-kill animal shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering. They take in creatures who are lost, afraid, hungry or ill and comfort them, give them a warm soft bed, good food, medical care and most of all, love. In many ways this is a very easy thing to do because these are grateful animals who give a world of love in return. In other ways, it is very difficult because the number of animals in need is so large.

HUA not a typical shelter. Their dogs share large yards where they can romp and play with friends. They know and love every one of their dogs. They can tell you in detail about their personalities, likes and dislikes.

Their mission is the rescue of dogs, including puppymill dogs, from all over the country. They go to great lengths to find dogs the right home by specializing in long distance adoptions through a program called "Jet Set Dogs". Jet Set Dogs has rescued dogs from shelters across the country and placed dogs in over 45 states and Canada.

HUA doesn't just place dogs in homes, they create a long lasting relationship with the adoptive home and are always there to support and educate those who need assistance after adopting a rescue animal. The HUA staff has a wealth of knowledge and they are a great resource to those who are looking to adopt or have already adopted a dog. HUA is so dedicated to each and every dog they place, that they will take the dog back at any time for any reason and take care of that dog for the rest of its life.

They are located on a 65-acre farm of trees and grass. They care for over 400 dogs at any given time are run solely by volunteers and receive no government funding.

Hearts United is a place of happiness, joy and love. They take in dogs who have been abused and heal their bodies as well as their hearts. Hearts United is a place to celebrate the joy of life.


We, at Bitch and Stud Chic, whole-heartedly support HUA's rehabilitation, adoption and education program. We want to spread their story all across the world and we need your help. Show your support by wearing and sharing one of our charity wristbands.

All proceeds from the sales of our wristbands go directly to Hearts United for Animals. So, please buy them for you, your friends and family, and help spread the story about Hearts United for Animals.