Product Care

Our products are meticulously handcrafted using the finest quality materials sourced all over the world.  However, we know that not everyone is alike, some people and their pets are "ruff" on their accessories.  In this case we can not expect our products to last a lifetime, it really depends on your individual lifestyle.  To extend the life of your new products, we give you the following guidelines;


Italian Leather Care:

To keep your Italian leather products looking their best clean them regularly with a damp (not wet), non abrasive, cloth. If the leather becomes wet, allow it to dry naturally, never dry near a direct heat source as this will cause the leather to burn and/or warp.  Never use saddle soap, furniture polish, oil, varnish, or cleaning solvents.


Faux Fur Care:

Many of our products have a faux fur lining for extra comfort.  Here’s how to clean yours:

Spot clean with using a damp (not soaked) cloth and mild detergent, then allow to dry naturally and away from direct heat.  Do not dry clean as the chemicals will reduce the softness.


SWAROVSKI® Crystal Care:

Use a damp cloth or a natural bristle brush followed by a soft, lint free jewelry cloth to clean and polish your crystals.  Remember to treat your SWAROVSKI® Crystal adorned collars as if they were any piece of jewelry, you wouldn’t garden in your Fendi shoes, would you?


With proper care and consideration your products will last for years and years.  We made our first walking collar for our Chance almost 9 years ago and it still looks fabulous on walks today!